Flagstaff Day Tripping and Segment 3

Despite the rocky start to our time in Flagstaff, Sunday through Wednesday was a nice few days. 

On Sunday we explored the city a bit, finding good coffee shops, brunch spots, and went on a critical tour of the local outdoor supply shops in the downtown area. 

On Monday we drove up to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and hiked around a little, then drove back. It is 90 miles to the Rim, so it was a 180 mile round trip. I fully charged the Tesla for the first time in Flagstaff, which brought her to a rated range of 260 miles, and we had no problem.

On Tuesday it snowed, which was a fun experience for two Californians. The car hydroplaned a bit on the highway, but I felt the car's brains take over power transmission and it regained stability in a fraction of a second (good thing too, as I was taking a curve right next to a semi truck). We spent the morning holed up in a cafe working, and when it started really coming down retreated back to the Airbnb and built a fire.

On Wednesday we checked out of the Airbnb and went on a short but steep hike just north of Sedona. I dropped Lindsey back at the airport at 2pm and pointed east on 40.

I knew I'd be leaving late so it was a short day: 330 miles. I've started thinking of my days in terms of the mileage between Superchargers. Today was a 90-90-140 day, and I did it in 6 hours.

Tomorrow, Thursday, is a 115-60-210-100 day, 475 total miles, and if all goes according to plan I'll finish the day in Weatherford, Oklahoma.