My Thing

I use computers to make images, videos, and interactive environments that describe or tell stories about things that either do exist, and should be copied and expanded upon, or that probably should exist. 

I am most interested in telling stories about the built environment. The spaces we live, work, and play in are, generally speaking, awful. They are literally killing us, impoverishing us, driving us insane, and wrecking the planet.

It doesn't have to be like this. I like to think about, talk about, and make art about environments that cultivate and nourish human dignity, freedom, and fulfillment.

I want to show you a world you want to live in.

The oceans are rising. The weather is getting weirder. Social conflict stoked by climate-induced resource scarcity is increasing. Politics is soul-crushing. Companies that are doing the most harm have the most power. Oil companies have on their ledgers enough fossil fuels to handily destroy the air we breathe and end human life on this planet. Mainstream environmentalist groups are well meaning but ineffectual. The dominant economic system of the planet appears to be, as predicted, destroying everything.

Despair is suicide, but so is blind optimism. Any disregard for the actual functioning of reality will lead to cataclysmic missteps. Delaying impactful change any further is not an option; it may already be too late.

Many are working toward a better future, but many also are misled and enmired by the dysfunction of the current system. Extracting meaningful narratives from our current cultural hegemony is a Herculean task, and so many of us are exploring dead ends, rabbit trails, and ground that others have already covered before.

We’re all scared out of our minds and the burden of responsibility that some of us insist on carrying around with us at times is too much to bear.

Some of us burn out.

We’re rarely confident that what we are doing in our daily lives, the daily grind of the work we are pursuing, is actually doing a damn bit of good. A lot of us are suspicious that our careers are just repackaged and refurbished versions of an obsolete hallucination and are not, in fact, aligned with our values and goals of changing the world for the better.

A ton of us are still tempted by the carrot of security and financial stability, and this helps to quiet some of the doubts. But in the back of our minds is the worry that this is all a houses of cards and our protections and safeguards will be wiped away in a moment anyway.

This is the situation. This site is about talking through it all. It’s about critiquing current approaches, imagining new ones, and encouraging those of us who are working on this massive project.

It’s about exploring the role of engineering in the task of worldchanging, and it’s about examining the artifice of engineering itself and proposing structural changes and different ways of thinking about how engineers should think, behave, educate themselves, and interact with the world. It’s also very much about thinking through the blending of traditional engineering practice with other domains of practice, such as art, design, sociology, ecology, and psychology.


I graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor's of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, with a minor in Sustainable Environments. I am a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of California. I was a LEED accredited professional at one point.

Et Cetera

I am not related in any meaningful way to the company that shares my name. You almost certainly know more about those guys than I do.