I make custom computer graphic images, animations, and interactive game environments for projects, products, systems, buildings, and ideas that have potential to improve the world. 

These visualizations can be used for proposals, interviews, presentations, pitches, marketing videos, educational and outreach resources, or website graphics.

As a professional mechanical engineer, I specialize in breaking down complex systems and communicating them to non-technical audiences. This differentiates my work from more traditional architectural visualization, which is primarily concerned with the form and visual aspect of a building or environment. I bring a deep understanding of the interrelated non-spatial aspects of a building, product, or system, and figure out how to communicate them in an intuitive way.

Many of the ideas we need to employ in our work of improving the world aren't intuitively obvious to most of us because they represent a different way of meeting people's needs than we're used to. For over a century our modus operandi has been, more or less, to throw energy at a problem until it's no longer a problem.

We're adopting more elegant solutions these days, and there is a need to communicate those solutions to wide audiences; clients, stakeholders, other members of design teams, builders, manufacturers, and users. 

Sometimes you need to explain how a system works so the person with the purchasing decision feels comfortable to say yes. Sometimes you need to explain it so that the users know how to use it correctly. Sometimes you need to explain your thinking to the builders so they get it, because if they don't, chances are it won't get built correctly. And sometimes you just need slick graphics on your website to lend an air of professionalism and legitimacy to your ideas.