The Floor Is In

Things are starting to get exciting around here. I got the floor completed yesterday. 


It's beetle-killed pine, harvested in the mountains near Santa Fe NM. (Hey, it was local when I bought it...)

Using real wood in a trailer conversion is very rarely done, for a number of excellent reasons. It's heavy. It expands and contracts with the weather. If it gets wet, it can hold the moisture and rot. There are probably other great reasons not to use it. 

View from the rear balcony. Don't mind the dust...

View from the rear balcony. Don't mind the dust...

But I just couldn't bring myself to use vinyl or so-called "engineered hardwood". Those products look awesome and function great. But I'd know they're fake. So, real wood it is, with all the attendant risks. It's funny where we decide to draw the line, but we all draw it somewhere.

A thing happened after I got the last boards in place. The trailer went from being "the trailer" to being "Serenity", my Serenity, my home. The floor apparently added just enough character to her that I hit the tipping point and am now fully emotionally attached to this small metal box.