Driving across the desert

This week we drove from Santa Fe, New Mexico, to Walkers Pass, California. We overnighted in Flagstaff.


We were driving into a ripping headwind the entire way. On flat road, I could get the truck up to 65 or 70mph, but any slight hills + headwind meant I was doing good to maintain 55. This isn't very safe on I-40 with the semis blowing past us, so I looked for the first opportunity to get onto back roads.

At Gallup we got off I-40 and drove through some of the most beautiful desert I've ever been in. We spent the night in Flagstaff, and got back on I-40 as far as Needles. I knew that the freeway had some major hill climbs from there, and the wind had picked up again, so we ditched onto a big detour through the southern Mojave desert. 

2017-09-20 17.52.20.jpg

Finally we made it to Walkers Pass without incident.

2017-09-21 11.16.58.jpg
The view out the back door

The view out the back door

The trailer will stay here while we're in Greece for the next two months, and when we return I'll finish it here.